Plastic Free Living - Bathroom Essentials Edit (Volume 2) *

Plastic Free Living - Bathroom Essentials Edit (Volume 2) *

Biovene Pink Heaven Shampoo in a Bar

Finding a shampoo bar that is free from coconut oil felt impossible, so when I was sent this little pink bar to test for 2020's BSL Awards I was floored - a discovery made completely by chance!

Biovène is a brand that specializes in providing "affordable prestigious beauty products accessible to everyone," and they have a wide selection of haircare treatments including plastic free shampoo and conditioner. They actually have a pretty impressive range of targeted formulas, from hydrating and moisturizing bars to ones dedicated to damage control. That's what I like to see in a lineup!

The Pink Heaven shampoo is part of the nourishing collection, and is designed to restore, smooth, and soften every strand while also providing a thorough cleanse. This is unfortunately not vegan, as it contains beeswax, but the ingredients on the whole are pretty natural. The bar itself matches the cardboard packaging, a bubblegum pink which is a cute touch, and the square compact shape is really easy to hold and manage. I find it a great size and it really is a perfect fit for my hand.

I appreciate that it doesn't have a strong scent, as so many shampoo bars go a little overboard I find when it comes to fragrance - this is pretty neutral, making it a lovely pick for those more sensitive to smells. Plus, the Biovene Pink Heaven shampoo lathers up really really well, making lots of suds as you activate it with water and massage it into your hands (or directly into hair!). All the bubbles make this super easy to apply all over hair as you can tell which areas have been missed.

The bar gives a thorough cleanse, cleaning hair and scalp well and ridding of most buildup, and despite how much it bubbles up I found this gentle, not drying out my locks as I feared it might or causing any frizz. Instead, it looked refreshed, felt super lightweight, and was relatively smooth from top to bottom. Overall a great plastic free alternative that doesn't weight down your hair or leave it feeling brittle!

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