Biovene Barcelona Clear Protect Solid Shampoo and Conditioner Review

I was excited to see a different shampoo bar and conditioner in the box this month, as I liked the one in last month’s box. The Biovene solid shampoo and conditioner bars are zero-waste, and free from SLSs, palm oil, parabens, phthalates, and mineral oil. One bar can last as long as 1 1/2 bottles of shampoo, which is brilliant. It’s also more affordable than most natural shampoos at £5.99 a bar.


I received the Clear Protect Citrus Dream set, which is described as ‘Dreamy Ultra Hydrating’ although it says it’s suitable for normal to oily hair. I has a citrus fragrance and contains beeswax and shea butter.

“Moisturize dry hair effectively with this intensely clarifying, ultra-hydrating natural dream blend that enhances hair’s natural highlights and protects against breakage while providing balance and elasticity for softer, smoother and revitalized hair.”
Biovene Barcelona

I haven’t tried it on my own hair as I’m not sure if it’s suitable for processed hair like mine, and because it says it’s suitable for normal to oily hair. We’ve used it on my daughters’ hair though, and the shampoo bar lathers up beautifully and rinses cleanly.

I wasn’t sure about the conditioner bar at first – you slide the bar down the hair, massage it in, and rinse. We always comb the girls’ hair though after we put the conditioner on, and it was a bit of a battle to get a comb through Thea’s hair. We didn’t attempt it on Ava as her hair is much thicker and tangle-prone. But when I rinsed Thea’s hair it felt so smooth and soft, so actually I think it’s just a case of getting used to a different format.

You can buy Biovene Barcelona Shampoo-in-a-Bar, and Conditioner-in-a-Bar here for £5.99 a bar, with several different varieties.

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